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Unique nature

Mediterranean cuisine

Center of three world religions

Merging of the past and present

The lowest point on Earth

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Israel is a state with 3500 years of history. One of the world's smallest countries (its area is equal to State of New Jersey, USA). A center of three world religions. The only country in the world where the quantity of vegetation increases. The world's leader in medicine, science, and technologies. The annual number of tourists is equal to half of the country's population.

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Merging of the past and present

Center of three world religions

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Jerusalem is the one and undivided capital, as well as the largest city of Israel. Here there are important sanctities of the three main world religions. This city has been the center of world history for thousands of years.

A trip to Israel is a unique chance to learn about the life of Jesus Christ, to see the places where his ministry took place, to touch the mystery of his miracles.

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Places of Bible events

The lowest point on Earth

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on land, 400 m below ocean level. It is the place where the ancient city of Sodom had been destroyed, and the scrolls of the Bible were discovered. The density of the water is sufficient to support your body. Skin and lung diseases are successfully treated here, and the numerous spa salons offer treatments and cosmetic procedures complying with the highest standards.

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Unique nature

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Israel has all natural zones, from deserts to snowy mountains, and four seas, the water temperature in one of which is constant throughout the year. For those who love hiking, there are thousands of routes of different complexity and length, as well as hundreds of routes intended specially for offroaders. This all combines with a plethora of historical monuments, religious sanctities, and cultural sites.

Mediterranean cuisine

Lots of flavors, and a fusion of tastes. The East and the West, the cuisines of different countries and nations have merged here. Israel is a country of olive oil and wonderful wines, lots of spices and flavorings. Everybody will find a taste to their liking here, and get a great deal of pleasure from the food.

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What awaits you

The tour program

Tel Aviv

Day 1

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Arrival at the Ben Gurion airport

Transfer to Tel Aviv and accommodation at a hotel

Tel Aviv

City on the coast of the Mediterranian Sea. The country's economic and cultural center

Night attraction:
A walk in the ancient town of Jaffa (Joppa)

Caesarea, a town that was built by Herod the Great as the main port of the Middle East. This is where Pontius Pilate resided, and where Apostle Peter came to visit Cornelius.

Haifa, the northern capital of Israel. A view of the Bahai gardens and the port.

Galilee, Nazareth – a Biblical style dinner in a hut. A village where you can get familiar with the life in Nazareth 2000 years ago.

The Mount of Precipitation – a view of Jezreel valley.

Arrival in the town of Tiberias

Day 2

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Day 3

The Mount of Beatitudes – the place where Jesus is believed to have delivered the Sermon on the Mount

Tabgha – the place of the Calling of Apostle Peter

Capernaum – a town where Jesus lived, and worked many miracles

Ginnosar Museum – "Jesu's Boat", a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee

Yardenit – the baptism site on the Jordan river

A visit to a date farm

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The Golan

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Day 4

The Golan Heights Israel's northern border

The Tel Dan nature reserve the place where the tribe of Dan used to live. It is considered one of Israel's most beautiful natural reserves.

The Banias Waterfall Caesarea Philippi

Mount Bental a view of Syria and Lebanon

Day 5

Transfer to Jerusalem

Jerusalem museum (Tower of David)

Jewish Quarter – the roman's Cardo street, Nehemiah's wall, the market

Museum of the Future Temple
(The Temple Institute)

Descent to  The Western Wall

Night attraction: walk in the tunnels below the Western Wall


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Mount of Olives – the site of Christ's ascent into Heaven, a panoramic view of Jerusalem

The Garden of Gethsemane

The Lion Gate, Pool of Bethesda  (House of Mercy) – the site of the healing of the paralyzed man

The Via Dolorosa

The archeological park "Davidson Center" – excavations at the Western Wall

The City of David

The Gethsemane

Day 6

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Day 7

Setting off towards the  Judaean Desert

Qumran Caves – the site where the original manuscripts of the Bible were found

Ein Gedi – nature reserve and oasis at the Dead sea where King David used to hide from Saul

The Fortress of Masada – the last refuge for Jews to hide away from Romans during the uprising

Evening attraction: swimming in The Dead Sea

Special bonus: Ein Gedi Spa Resort - thermo-mineral and sulfur pools, mineral mud

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Day 8

The Garden Tomb

The Israel Museum – the archive of the Dead Sea scrolls, a miniature model of Jerusalem of the Second Temple period

The Yad Vashem  
Museum of  Holocaust History, devoted to the 6 mln. of Jews killed during WWII

The Garden Tomb
The presumable place of the Calvary. There are many things that evidencing that Christ's true burial place is here and not in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre


Day 9 and 10


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2 Days in Eilat

Eilat is a Red Sea resort in a place where Israel borders wiht Jordan and Egypt. It has 359 sunny days per year, the sea water temperature is 22-25
C (75-80F) all year around

Resting in Eilat involves:
Lots of excursions, all kinds of active and passive rest at the sea, night clubs, restaurants, bars, shopping centers. Eilat is a duty-free trade zone.

Transfer to the Ben Gurion Airport

Details of the trip

For your attention

The cost includes:

Transfer from the airport

Traveling by a comfortable bus

Accommodation and stay at HB hotels
(with breakfast and dinner included)

Licensed guides only

Entrance to all museums, parks, excursion
sites throughout the route

Transfer to the city of Eilat on the Red Sea

2 nights at the Isrotel King Solomon 5* hotel

Transfer to the Ben Gurion airport

The program does not include:


The group will be offered variants of lunches at restaurants
in the areas where the excursions are conducted

Attractions, excursions, and visiting museums
in the city of Eilat

The group members will be offered variants and rendered assistance
with purchasing the tickets on an individual basis


Personal expenses

Auxiliary conditions:

Each group member must purchase a medical insurance

A prepayment of 30% must be made when you register for the tour

Non-Us citizens must obtain visas to visit Israel on their own

The price of the tour: 2190$
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Thank you for your great effort in guiding our group around Israel. You understood our group really well and made many of the sites come to life for us. Very happy to recommend your services to future travellers in Israel and would love to travel with you again.

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Craig Scott

Thank you for Sharing with us ....You have been an Amazing Tour Guide for our trip and The Memories of Israel are even more soo Etched in our Hearts and Lives because of your Excellence in Communicating the Historical Facts and Biblical significance to us....Truly we can see why its called the Holy Land..Jesus is Indeed coming Soon my friends...Such a Blessing to meet you..Shalom!

Rishi Ramdeo

2 /3

Angelina is absolutely a joy to be around.
She knows so much and shares that blessing with both smile
and encouraging passion.
Thank you for making my trips to Israel
even more of great gift:)!!

Sosimo Avila Jr.

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